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Cornflakes or just plain corny?

I thought Click was going to be just another silly Hollywood movie: not that it would even matter if it was: I’m one of those people who just loves going to the movies, regardless of whether the actual film is any good or not. I mean, of course I love it more when it’s a good one, but just the experience of going – which to be honest, is sometimes the only way I can find the ‘off’ switch in this crazy head of mine – is enough. Especially when there’s popcorn…mmmmm….

So I went tonight expecting little. What I didn’t expect was to be genuinely moved. (Okay, okay, not just moved…I cried. And Leon – shut up.) Look, I’ll be straight with you: this isn’t the world’s best movie and it’s certainly got a decent per centage of Hollywood-per-frame, but: it still got to me. So kill me. I won’t say much more, but let me share with you just one line:

“The leprechaun goes after the pot of gold, but when he gets there, there is no pot of gold. It’s just cornflakes.”

What can I say? This movie just made me want to come home, wrap my whole family up in fairy-floss and eat them. Not in a weird psycho-killer kinda way. Just in a lovely Enid Blyton kinda way. Or something. Okay, forget the fairy floss thing, alright? The point is, it made me want to love my family more and stop rushing to the seemingly important goals that turn out to be no more satiating than a bowl of breakfast cereal.

Here’s to savouring the little moments. Like this one:

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