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Come on kids, let’s catch up

Well, I’m just damn glad you blog readers aren’t my kids. Cos if you were, you’d be taken away from me by the Department of Family Services, so pitiful are the little measly scraps of food, water and attention I’ve been throwing your way.

Forgive me people. I know not what I do.

But as such, here’s a “5 Quick Catch-Up Points on Life This Week”

1. No news on the van. BUT…I guess no news is also good news, in the sense that it obviously hasn’t been written off in an accident (which, on the upside, the whole concept of an Econovan in a high-speed chase is ripe with comedic potential) or used to smuggle Romanian dwarves into the country.

2. To answer your question Mezza, yes we are still in Brissie! Sorry, I keep forgetting that people don’t read every single entry of this blog (why God, why?) and thus aren’t necessarily completely up to date with my life. But to cut a long story short, we decided we could save (and earn) more money by staying in Brisvegas, we’re ‘planning’ (the inverted commas stand for the rate at which we change our plans) then head overseas – most likely the UK – for a year, then come back and settle the hell down. Phew.

3. Tim has had his first few days of relief teaching work1 And he’s enjoyed it! And earned money! They don’t call it ‘relief’ teaching for nothing.

4. I may well die this week – Tim’s working or away every single day until Sunday, meaning that I’m looking after kids all day and gigging all night. I really need to look into approaching Red Bull for sponsorship.

5. On the business front, I may have a manager!! Gees, I hope so! I’ve been putting my mind to it lately, and thanks to Bangalow Big Joke Comedy Festival (where I supported the sublime Fiona O’Loughlin) I’ve met someone I feel really good about. We’ll see what pans out….oh I so want a manager if only just so I can say I’ve got one. Oh okay, and they can guide my career and help get me gigs and stuff. Minor details, people.

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