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Cold, cold and National Lampoon

So the last few days we’ve finally been battling SERIOUS cold – as in temperatures below minus 30, as in walking even metres outside turns your entire nostril in a frozen goods aisle, as in going into the cold-room at the bottle shop (as Leon and I did the night before their departure) actually feels WARM.

Today’s a little milder – hopefully we’ll make it up the ski hill again sometime this week. And Ella has been harrassing me to take her ice-skating again, so we’ll see how the day eventuates. The only thing that comforts me in times of extreme frozen-ness is knowing that in other parts of Canada it is a lot worse.

In other bright news, I’ve finally sent out my promo pack to tons of peeps round the country so I guess we’ll just see what happens. I honestly feel really cool about it all right now (no pun intended), just satisfied to know that no matter what happens, I’ve given it a good shot.

Oh and in really cool but kinda strange news, I’m the lead story at the moment on National Lampoon’s website – I’m not complaining! Props to the very excellent comedy website IJoke.Tv who I suspect are the folks who put NL onto my stuff.

Quote of the day… Caleb: “I saw a snake once. It was a Batman snake.”

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