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Cleaning it Up

After supporting him at the Sit Down Comedy Club the other night, the lovely Anh Do (of Fat Pizza, The Footy Show and other fame) gave me one of the best compliments of my life. Seriously, I got all hot in the face and everything.

He then followed it with this.

Ahn: “I don’t usually give comics advice, but can I give you some?”

Me: “Absolutely!”

Ahn: “I know I swore a bit tonight, but let me tell you that if you can get all the swearing out of your act, just clean the whole thing up, you’ll be on television in no time.”

Very serendipidous that the very following night I was headlining a ‘Clean Comedy’ night, and thus had to scrub and launder 40 minutes of stuff in preparation. I mean, as far as comedians go I’m pretty clean, but it’s certainly not spotless. But I’ve now decided to make more of a conscious effort to head that way.

Interesting times.

Oh Napisan man, where are you when I need you?

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