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Chris Daniel: A Comedy Influence You May Never Have Heard Of

Unless you had the tremendous fortune to meet Chris in person, you are more than likely to not know who he is.

While writing “The Unexpected Variety Show” – debuting in Brissie tomorrow night and about which I am beyond excited, given that so many old school friends, family members and many more people are coming along I am unofficially christening it “my second wedding” – I have thought so often of this incredible man.

Allow me to share a little from my show program:

Chris Daniel was literally the first person I met on the comedy scene. I was a nervous little newbie, about to jump onstage for the very first time a the Triple J Raw Comedy Competition. After arriving WAAAAY too early (in an ill-conceived move to calm my nerves), Chris marched right up to me and won me over with his smile, his charm and the revelation that he too, was new to the scene. Excellent. Chris, aside from just being his wonderful self, was to me, also representative of all the good things about comedy. Taking joy in just doing it. Taking joy in others’ success. Taking joy in…life. There is a line I sing in this show: “others leave stage far too soon…” When I wrote that, I was, very truly – and very sadly – thinking about Chris. Years after his all-too-soon departure, Chris continues to inspire me. To strive to – whether onstage or off – just find the joy in it. This show is dedicated to him.

I received the most beautiful email the other day that literally brought me to tears (moments before doing a gig, no less!) from Chris’s beautiful “queen” as he called her. She wrote to tell me that she is coming to the show, and gave some beautiful words of encouragement including “you will be fabulous on Friday but remember what makes you fabulous is that you have given it a go.”

Which is exactly what Chris would have said too.


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