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Broadway, sweet Broadway

So my first Broadway show went off with a bang. Not literally, but I’m in the mood for cliches.

“Bridge and Tunnel” turned out to be an absolute blitzer of a show – basically a collection of character monologues written and performed by Sarah Jones (who, as well as showcasing her phenomenal ear for accents, achieves the unbelievable in that she is the ONLY American I’ve ever seen who can actually master the Australian accent). This show has received rave reviews, and it’s not hard to see why. I don’t think I’ve seen such a brilliant character actor – it was funny, it was sad, it was completely committed and just such an incredible thing to see such a talented actor transform herself completely within seconds, from one person to the next.

It was her last show, too – as she received her bouquet of roses and her standing ovation, she thanked the crowd. I was surprised to hear that she had a British accent, until about halfway through her speech she stopped and went: “Just a moment. I don’t actually talk like this,” and then continued in proper New York speak. Everybody cracked up laughing – she obviously gets so much joy out of her talent, something which (as well as the obvious ‘being a brilliant performer’ thing) I found deeply inspiring.

Oh listen to me, I’m like a broken record: “I’m so inspired.” “It was so inspiring.” “I’m starting a new website:” Somebody shut me up already!

Then afterwards I did make it to Upright Citizens Brigade (the Artistic Director of which I will be interviewing next week, you’ll be happy to know!) to check out their famous “Assscat!” show. The queue was unbelievable – while back in good old Brissie we struggle to fill venues, here people line up for HOURS to get tickets to these shows!!! And again, it quickly became clear as to why.

How to sum up an improvised show in words? Hmmmm….here goes:

– it was long-form improv (meaning not just short and punchy ‘gamey’ scenes) and kinda like The Harold (for those improvisers there amongst you) but with a slightly different structure. I’ll have to explain it to those of you who care when I get back!

– the performers didn’t seem to use a whole range of characters (with perhaps one exception) but rather the focus seemed to be very much on a natural approach to acting and letting the story take the focus.

What a crummy summary. (On a side note, have you noticed how much American slang I’m picking up? Dangedy ho, I’m gettin’ good! Meet Jenny – the latest victim of globalisation!)

Anyway, and then today was my first day of training with Second City!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won’t bore you with details (have I EVER?!) so in short:

– my group is already getting along fantastically; – my fears of being confronted by a batch of over-eager and dominating Saturday Night Live wannabes have been quickly allayed (though there was a game of pass the clap that started to get a little heated…; and – the teachers are cool. One of them even looks like Sandra Bernhardt. What a bonus.

Tonight – I’m still undecided what to do. Thus I’m procrastinating on my blog.

What a schmuck.

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