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Brief sleep-deprived update

The only thing I’m running on right now is pure excitement. Two nights x 4 hours of sleep and as soon as my post-gala-party-euphoria runs out I’m done for.

I promise I’ll write the full run-down when my eyes stop hurting and I’m not trying to maintain some semblance of good parenting with the kids (suffice to say “Monsters Inc” is my new best friend), but just to give you a brief taste-tester…

Number of famous people rubbed shoulders with: uncountable – pretty much anyone who’s on the Aussie comedy scene. You know it’s a good party when Dave Callan comes up and clinks glasses with you un-prompted, only to be dragged away into the neighbouring social circle by Rove McManus.

Number of famous people talked to: significantly less – not that they weren’t friendly but I was shy.

Number of producers/managers/talent bookers talked to: significantly more (I know, I’m being very vague on my numbers here, but I actually had some really good chats with some very cool and important – if less recognisable – people)

Number of yukky-tasting-but-courage-increasing-champagnes consumed – 3 (at last, some quantifiable research!)

Number of photos taken – 4 (but they were an afterthought and are all of me and Josh outside the party on our way home)

Number of times I said ‘surreal’ – 58

Number of hours until I write the full update – 8 (but that’s assuming I get some sleep between now and then)

Number of coffees needed to survive the next hour – 2 and a half

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