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Breaking up is hard to do


Good thing I’ve got a gorgeous family to pull me back.

I’m just going to post a few pics because:

a) I’m exhausted; and

b) I have to go to bed only to get up in exactly 3 hours time to catch a plane to LA where I will spend my last American weekend being coached by comedy guru Steve Kaplan, who has developed and presented comedians including Jack Black.

So here you go people.

BTW, thanks to everybody who’s e-mailed and commented during this trip – I’m so sorry I haven’t always been able to reply straight away, I do hope you’ll understand it’s cos I’ve been absolutely choked up with exciting fun stuff’n’all that. Looking forward to being a more responsive friend in future. 🙂

Left: my Second City comedy improv class.

Awww… the words of Meistro Eddie Vedder:

“I miss you already! I miss you always…”

Left: Juan, Shannon and Moi, on our goodbye night out on the town.

New York – I love ya. And I’ll be back.


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