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Birthday Shenanigans and the Oscars

…all in the same sweet few days. Can it get any better?

Firstly, my b’day surprisingly rocked the kazbah. Despite battling a nasty cold, I managed to: – treat the kids to a jumping castle playground where I proceeded to let them jump their little hearts out all morning so as to sleep all afternoon; – spend much of the weekend playing cannonballs in the pool; – socialising with mates at our gorgeous pad yesterday avo.

Oh yeah, and my hubby completely and utterly redeemed himself from last year’s forgetting my birthday incident and treated me to 3 x singing lessons (mi-mi-mi-mi-mmmeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the complete series DVD of Arrested Development which I’d never seen but is proving to be absolutely brilliant.

B’days. I dig again.

And secondly, the Oscars are on tonight! WOOHOO!!! I’m so excited – the gowns, the glamour, the gossip…and other exciting things beginning with ‘g’. In our honoured tradition, Frankie and I will be hooking up at her place with some other girlfriends to munch out on all things chocolate while eyeing off the uber-skinny celebs.

Cos damn it – if I ever actually get to the Oscars, I’m gonna have to starve myself for at least a fortnight, so I may as well pig out to John Williams tunes while I can.


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