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Belated New Year Resolution

I’ve been fighting it and fighting it, but I just can’t NOT make New Year Resolutions – it’s like putting a fudge covered chocolate sundae into my mouth and telling me not to eat it, or like putting on my new all-time favourite movie Kung Fu Hustle on the television when I have absolutely nothing to do and asking me not to watch it, or like throwing Johnny Depp into my house drenched in Bailey’s Irish Creme and forbidding me to lick him.

Just not gonna happen.

BUT…I’m keeping it simple. My resolution, for 2007 is quite simply, to be disciplined. In terms of how I treat my family, my money, my career and my body, I want to set my mind to the way I want to live and then actually apply myself to do it.

There, that’s it. Easy.

(Oh, and if anybody actually wants to drop Johnny round – with or without the Irish Creme – then please at least call me beforehand so I can clean the place up a bit.)

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