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BC Comedy Tour Update # 2

I’m very pleased to report that the past few days of the tour have taken a very pleasant turn for the better.


In short, the gigs have been great (particularly in comparison to what will forever after be referred to as ‘The Chilliwack Fiasco’ – which I’ve chilled the hell out about now, which in doing so, has led me to remember some of the positives, like a dude coming up to me post show and saying “I’m so sorry, it’s really not normally like this, please come back!”), the family has been soaking up the glamour of living in a damn nice hotel while sussing out the equal parts beautiful and bizarrre Kelowna (more on that another time), plus, the best part of all, have made a new and incredibly fabulous friend – in the form of the tour’s headliner act: Jennifer Grant.

Seriously, I love her. LOVE her. Comedically and personally. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about meeting another human being in a long time. Gush gush gush. She is without a doubt one of my favourite comedians ever, I kid you not. And to top it all off, she is just one rocking chick. Damn! We bonded over incredibly drunk Kelowna locals, stories of hookers playing with my kids in the hotel pool (that is one looooooong story and one that I find disturbing, if only in my complete lack of judgement: but hey, it’s gonna make a beautiful comedy bit), and geeking out over comedy.

Oh man.

Last night was the last gig, Timmy came down and videoed my set for me (courtesy of the hotel’s babysitting service – NOT hookers) and then today we embarked on the drive back home. We’re currently hauled up in a beyond quaint family campground in beautiful Salmon Arm. We’ve eaten a home-made meal, done laundry and relaxed for the first time in days. Rock.

I’m back, baby!

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