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Back to reality

It’s not knowing where you put your keys.

It’s not knowing where you put Monday.

It’s not knowing where you put your brain.

So forgive the brief blogging entries – or praise the heavens for them if it suits you better.

I’m basically just catching my breath, as I have a slew of gigs coming up in the next month, including several trips to Sydney (where I’m doing some corporate improv stuff) and this Friday will be my one and only performance in Edge Improv’s IMPROCK!

Come check it out – it rocks and it’s got a cool poster and stuff.

And yes, that’s me in the front with a bat in my mouth. Ehem.

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Hey ho! Nowadays you can find me blogging again over here. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

These days you can find me over at If you feel inclined to relight my fire.

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