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Back from the Farm

Rest assured the lack of correspondence of late isn’t cos I don’t love youse all. Au contrere! (Ah, French, I’d better get used to you…but more on that a little later).

No, the fact is dear friends, that the entire fam and I have JUST returned – and I do mean ‘just’ as in literally walked in the door 10 minutes ago…that is how addicted I am to the internet – from a lovely few days visiting my bestest high school friend out on her farm. Precisely 5 and a half hours from here. A LONG way. Especially with kids. Especially when you get lost en route. But let’s not dwell on the unpleasant past.

The point is we had a great time, complete with wallaby patting, roo-spotting and a motorcycle accident (fortunately nothing other than my elbow and Caleb’s feelings were hurt) and we’re now back and online.


AND…our visas for Canada just came through. It’s now officially 12 weeks until I leave, followed shortly after my Tim and the kiddlies. Life is good. Life is scary.

UPDATE: At this exact moment Tim has received a phonecall from the police saying that:

THEY HAVE FOUND OUR VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No idea about the condition or anything else. Stay tuned.


The writer of this blog makes no apologies for the use of over-capitalisation in this entry. Cos life is scary, good and worthy of occasional use of big letters.

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