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And while we’re on the subject of the Green-Eyed Monster…

Check out:

– CM friend and Loose Moose partner in crime Master Wares’ thoughts on jealousy. I love what he has to say about emotional currency in particular, could not agree more. There’s no mortgage repayments for the soul, baby! (Note to self: not even sure what that means. But sounds good. Carry on…)

this very warts-and-all post from one of my fav bloggers of the moment, Sarah Ayoub at Wordsmith Lane. She is responding to some criticism that she received on her blog, but this still fits into the whole jealousy thang because in my humble opinion, people who spout harshness (I’m not talking constructive criticism from someone with your best interests at heart) are usually green of eye.

This is an extract from my reply in her post comments – just want to share it as it pretty much sums up how I feel on the topic and also makes me jump for joy that I’ve come far enough to be able to recount my own personal hate mail story without feeling bad! WOOHOO!

I had feedback once from a reader (not on my blog, but on a column I wrote while I was in Canada) that was nothing short of hatemail. It actually said “do us all a favour and stop writing!” No kidding. I was really gutted at first, then angry, then finally, once enough time had passed, actually amused. To think that somebody could be THAT motivated to not just put the paper down, but look up my contact details and actually write a concerted two paragraphs on how passionately he/she despised my stuff. And I realised that to give it too much due attention was to insult the other wonderful readers who’d told me nice stuff. The things is, the only people who don’t get criticised are the ones who don’t do anything. Don’t dwell on the haters. One, they’re inevitable, and two, for every one of them, there are a hundred people or more who love your stuff.

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