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And the downside of travelling with kids…

…they wake up at midnight, demand breakfast and then spend the next three hours jumping on the bed spilling rice cakes everywhere.

Plus there’s the jetlag-induced psychosis. *shudder shudder shudder*

Back on the upside, holy expletive Batman! Banff is beyond beautiful. OMG. I wish I could show you the view from our room – but in typical CM crazy fashion my batteries carked it just as I started to upload them. Sadness.

We’re now heading down to explore the town, get some groceries and all the while try to avoid bumping into the apparently crankier-than-a-jetlagged-toddler elk. 24 hours ago I didn’t even know what an elk was, but apparently you do NOT want to bump into one in the middle of a forest. Then of course, there’s the bears. I asked one of the staff here where I could buy bear spray and her reply was “You know, if you ever get close enough for it to be effective, you’re pretty much gone anyway.”



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