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And now back to Brisvegas

The Sydney trip has gone surprisingly well. Not in a life-changing kind of way, more in a feeling-shocked-and-thus-not-really-feeling-like-heading-to-anywhere kinda way.

In summary I:

– met Rory McLeod at the Brissie air-port before my flight down. He remembered me too, from our phone interview on ZZZ and was such a lovely, humble and friendly chap. One to tick off the ‘people I want to meet’ list.

– went and checked out ‘Scrabble Unscripted’, an improv show at new Sydney venue The Factory. It was a cool format, plus I think I spotted Col Elliot in the audience.

– spent much of the days trudging the Sydney streets, boiling myself to buggery in the process and going for a swim on the wharf.

– managed to get it together for a lovely rocking gig for agiggle at the Roxbury Hotel in Glebe. Cool room, nice crowd plus I got to rub shoulders with my lovely ex-Brissie comedy mate Matt Okine, as well as the lovely Delores. They seemed keen to get me back, plus there’s a possibility of scoring some corporate improv work too. YAY!

– scored a bargain second-hand copy of Gene Wilder’s autobiography, which I’m devouring with relish. Not corn relish, cos that would be weird.

So back to Bris in an hour – Chris Daniel’s funeral is gonna be this Wednesday and us musical comics of Brissie are going to be performing a song together at the service.

In summary: it’s been a massively cool couple of days and it’s gonna be a massively emotional week.

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