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An ode to Lord Cheeks

This is a little poem for my dear friend and fellow comic-in-crime Chris Daniel:

Dear Chris you know it’s often said That men are just from Mars Well I don’t think that is true Cos most I’ve met are found in bars.

But that’s beside the point you see The reason that I’m writing Is to say I think you rock the world With your manner so inviting.

You give advice (and car-rides too) Which makes me feel quite happy Your marriage even inspires me To make mine not so crappy.

So thank you Chris for being nice Like pancakes gooed with honey But most of all, I thank you Chris For being cool AND funny!

*Disclaimer: the crappy quality of poetry contained within is by no means any reflection on the poem’s subject. Chris Daniel is in no way cliched, crappy, nor does he resort to dodgy rhythms to achieve rhyme. At least, not usually.

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