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Adios, Homelessness!

We’ve found a place to stay! Hooray!

That’s the end of rhyming for this blog post, I promise.

But seriously…I’m thrilled to report that my dear friend Mango Lick’s boyfriend has organised for us to sublet his house until we leave for abroad (which has now been bumped up to late March/early April), meaning that we no longer have to:

– tear up while watching “The Pursuit of Happyness”

– spend every single day enjoying the plethora of activites, shelter and air-conditioning on offer at Queensland Art Gallery (which, overlooking the fact that I don’t get paid to plug them, you have GOT to go see if you’re in Brissie and have children. It is like heaven on a nappy-wipe.)

– regress to our wild pre-kids days of continuously crashing on people’s couches.


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