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Adelaide Fringe Festival Tour Diary: THE END!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Barrio, a very bizarre, cool, surreal and rocking art party destination during the Fringe. I couldn't decide if I loved it or was just spun out by it. Not that the two are mutually exclusive...



I have been busy finishing it, packing it up, digesting it and recovering from it. So here are a few pics and notes of point from the final leg.

More Fringe in the Mall giggage.

My poor little dude back home tore a ligament in his shoulder. Coulda been much worse, but still... wah.

Caught up with this lovely gent who remembered being pulled up onstage with me LAST year in Adelaide! Hehe. Magic moments.

Onstage at Shimmering West: thanks for the photo on twitter, Jade Kops!

The final gig was so bizarre… completely sold out, people standing (which I don’t really like, only because I feel sorry as I know how much I would hate standing for an hour!) and so I was so pumped… only to have one table of people up the back talking through the entire first quarter of the show. Now as a stand-up I’ve had plenty of experiences with this happening and am fine with handling it, only this show is NOT a stand-up comedy show. It’s much more theatrical, in fact I’ve had people even say that they would classify it as a solo theatre show. Point is, I felt a bit reluctant to break the theatre of the show and just address them.

But then, after about 15-20 minutes in, I just couldn’t go on.

“Excuse me,” I called out, “I’m sorry, but why would you come to a show like this and talk through the entire thing?”

The rest of the audience murmured agreement and some of them even clapped.

“Please,” I said to the shadows at the back, “if you want to stay and watch, I will welcome you, I will even hug you at the end, but if you would rather talk to each other then PLEASE JUST LEAVE!”

The crowd clapped which made me feel so much better… I was so mad at myself for letting it get to me, but it just did. They did shut up for the rest of the show, though I could still see their heads moving up the back (apparently over a rather impressive number of wine glasses) the whole time. Finally around the 45 minute mark they left the building. Phew!

I believe at the end of the show I may have even uttered a very loud and public thank you to them for doing so by way of expletive. Ah, rude people. You may suck, but you really can have a knack for drawing an audience and a performer even closer together.


Taking the leap!

The whole trip – indeed, any performing undertaking – has been a total leap into the unknown, or the semi-known or the known-enough-to-hope-for-the-best-but-with-no-guarantees and luckily, it seems to have come up pretty damn beautifully.


And now we are back home, decompressing, reuniting and drawing breath before the next big leap.

Thanks for playing along.


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