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Adelaide Fringe Festival Tour Diary: Opening Nights!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Fringe Fireworks!

I say “nights” because while technically, last night was the Opening Night of the Fringe, as I type this, my own opening night looms before me. Tonight! AGH! I keep writing that: “agh!” every time I mention this event, even though I cringe at my inability to come up with something with a little more zing. But “agh!” truly does sum it up. It is a scream of excitement, terror, nerves, more excitement and a little bit of childish self-expression. Agh!

This morning also brings with it an alarming number of last-minute things on the to-do list, not the least of which is manufacture one of the quite significant props! Doh. I have a feeling that all will come okay in the end, in no short part due to the quite extensive array of beautiful people who have come to my rescue this week in many ways. From finding props, lending me keyboards, collecting set pieces and offering car transport here and there, this certainly ain’t a one-woman show. Well, it is a one-woman show, but it ain’t a one-woman… okay, you get it.

Last night was delish if not exhausting on the feet. Adelaide seems so much bigger than during my last visits, possibly because I walked almost half of it last night, traipsing from gig to gig.

Stand-up comedian Xavier Michelides from onstage during my guest spot at Amuse Bouche

Much, much fun, the main struggle was stopping my face from melting, given the heat yesterday felt like Adelaide had turned into one giant menopausal woman.

In the absence of a mirror, I turned to my trusty darling iPhone to help treat my face like the palate of colour that it should be in such times of shameless strutting. Just another friendly “touring on a budget” tip.

I dunno, if it’s this hot again, I might just forego the makeup altogether. This was seconds before going onstage, upon which my entire face turned into a dripping puddle.

The last gig, a gorgeous late night open-air cabaret at Shimmering West (right opposite my show venue at the Light Hotel) was particularly beautiful. I think by this time, exhaustion and a birthday cider had worked their magic and put me into quite a lovely, if not a little fuzzy, headspace. The Adelaidian cabaret treasure Matthew Carey (I know he refuses to speak to you if you do not address him in precisely those terms) told me, to my delight, that he was right up for improvising a number, and so we did. It was for a delightful couple (disclaimer: many people look delightful from the stage, they did, however, buy me a beer after so I do have a strengthening case) called Martin and Alana, both youth workers and with four kids between them no less.

All I recall from that song is something like:

“…four kids later, she’s falling to pieces, all the little pieces of her utereeses, but Martin doesn’t care because he just loves her to pieces…”

It was late.

Then, in true rock’n’roll style, Mister Matthew Carey and I set forth for a midnight rehearsal session for tonight’s show. I am THRILLED AND AWED to have him playing keys in my show; the man has worked with Liza Minnelli for crying out loud. Here I go again: AGH!

I’m so beyond excited. And so beyond needing to get my butt away from this here wonderland of cyber-sharing and go get ready.

See ya on the other side!



Fringe Caravan in the Mall 4.50pm, Rundle Mall

An Unexpected Variety Show: Opening Night! FREEEEEE!!!!!! 7pm, the Light Hotel, 141 Currie Street

Late Night Lounge with Catherine Campbell and Charlie Sanders 10pm – 12pm at Shimmering West, Higher Ground

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