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Adelaide Fringe Festival Tour Diary:

Chandelier at the gorgeous La Boheme.

Tis going so, so well. And I am so, so tired!

Seriously, were it not for a spritely combination of the world’s best au-pair who completely “gets it” when it comes to the madness of this Fringe experience, good folks cheering me on and a rather unhealthy festival dependance on energy drinks, I would just about collapse in a heap.

Which I plan to do at some point, but only if I can schedule it in.

Above: my appearance on the online festival TV show, Festival Fishbowl!

Today was what I hope is my last insane day for a while; teaching a 2-hour improv workshop, then an improv show with Theatresports: Clash of the Titans, then a cabaret spot at La Boheme for Cabaret Live, then for a beautiful “An Unexpected Variety Show” for a smaller but lovely crowd (which included being heckled by an older lady in the front row within 20 seconds of stepping onstage!).

The shows are going so beautifully – especially after the incredibly difficult season that was the show’s debut in 2011, where it was night after night of performing for 3, 4 and 5 people – I am so incredibly happy that the crowds have been so deliciously kind to me this fringe, with two sold out shows thus far! I can assure you I am not taking any of this for granted for one second! I am so, so, so grateful and am crossing everything that it continues to go well. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally feel like the show is being appreciated by people; I had a lovely young woman come up to me the other night afterwards and tell me that she had started crying in the opening number – her husband is in the army and thus is away most of the time; that is part of her own ‘unexpected variety show.’ She teared up as we spoke and I gave her a big hug. As hard as this showbiz thing can be, it really is moments like this – being connected to a completely stranger, for instance – that make me feel that doing the show is so, SO worth it.

I also feel like this weekend I finally hit my stride with working onstage with Matthew Carey. Working with an accompanist is still relatively new to me; during last night’s show I made a conscious decision to just interact more with him. Aside from being a musical genius, he truly is a natural comedian (I hereby christen him “Captain Deadpan of the Ticklish Ivories”) and so to play around with him and then just let his reactions do the rest, well, it’s brought another level to the show!

Tomorrow is all about the kidlets; we’re gonna catch up with one of my best Adelaidian friends and her little clan. Then tomorrow night I’m going to bring Ella with me to the improv show I’m in (she’s ridiculously excited) and then to see my full show on Tuesday! That will be a truly monumental moment; I suspect it’s going to be a massively emotional night.

Until then…


Today's improv workshop!

The littlest.

Jamie and Charlie doing their thang hosting the Late Night Cabaret Lounge, where I've been doing guests spots almost every Thurs, Friday and Saturday!

A Shaggy Doo beat poet, yo!

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