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Adelaide Cabaret Tour Diary Part 2

No real reason to post these here, other than that they're ridiculously adorable. And they've greeted me each morning in the bathroom of my friend Jade's, where I've been staying!

Today we drove out to the Marion Cultural Centre – where, upon spotting the next-door aquatic centre complete with gigantic waterslides, I’ve already determined I’m going to be spending ample time with the kidlets during our upcoming month-long stay for the Fringe Festival – to perform more cabaret for a near-packed theatre of lovelies!

Warming up backstage.

Dolled up and ready for cabar-action!

The audience was delicious – in fact, I believe I might have even told them that; I suspect that the combination of being away from my kidlets and having a nice crowd can turn me into a bit of an overly affectionate mother hen!

Then it was off to Radio 5AA for a lovely chat with Amanda Blair, mother of four and all-round tour-de-force.

Last time we met (when I was in town for last year’s Cabaret Fringe Festival, Amanda tried to convince me to go for baby number four, to which I can only now respond that I have…with said offspring being An Unexpected Variety Show! If you care to, you can listen to the full interview – including me singing “The World’s Greatest Love Song” (an original song from my show) – here.

Tomorrow I am faced with a dilemma: seeing as I am proceeding directly from my final cabaret gig to the airplane back home…


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