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Adelaide Cabaret Tour Diary Part 1

My friend Jade, all dressed up for last night's cabaret-ing, does bling like nobody I've ever met. I drool.

Adelaide is rapidly becoming my second home, indeed, to the point where Sidonie Henbest, host of last night’s Cabaret Live! introduced me to the stage by saying “I have a feeling she’s just moved here and neglected to tell her kids!”

I jumped off the plane – luckily I was wearing a chute – and was promptly whisked away to lunch at a pub which I proceeded to photograph the living daylights out of. Please indulge me? (Hmm, note to self: last sentence is a most rocking show title).

Lamps. Lamps. Luminous Lamps.

Not to go all American Beauty on you, but: Look Closer. This is a ceiling hanging/art installation thingamajig consisting of hundreds of bits of crystal individually hung. WHAAA? Yes.

I think I could easily collect these. If I could a) find them and b) be bothered.

I might just be a little bit obsessed with lights. Could this be why I've pursued a career in one? Hmmm. Dare I say it: lightbulb moment?! Boom boom! Ah, I kill me.

I am here for the week to do some guest spots in a tour of the “taking cabaret to the Adelaide suburbs” variety, thanks to Out of the Square. Being a non-native of these here parts, I have absolutely no idea where these suburbs are and what stereotypes I should be thrusting against them.

But going in blind can be a nice thing sometimes. I hope. We’ll see. Either way, I’m very excited to have an excuse four days in a row to dress up like the party ham I am. If Miss Piggy wore tutus and cowboy boots, she’d be me.

Onstage last night at Cabaret Live

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