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Addictions that are hard to kick

1. Comedy

2. Blogging

3. Caffeine

I desperately need a support group and/or patches for all three.

In other news, our computer has taken a turn for the worse – we’re expecting it to leave us for a better place any day now, so would appreciate some privacy at this very distressing time. In light of my thus restricted blogging time, I will release the following exclusive tid-bits about my life at present. But please, do not contact us for more details. You will receive a terse ‘no comment’.


  1. officially in love with Frankie’s little baby Charlotte, who I properly met today. My clucky meter has skyrocketed and my uterus is throbbing. Damn you Frankie with your damn placid little piece of bubba, offering nothing to this world but untouched beauty. Damn you for luring me to your den of blissed out reproduction. Damn you to hell!!!!!

  2. reading “Crime and Punishment” for the first time and actually getting into it. Between that and the latest “Family Circle”, I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself.

  3. writing TONS of comedy at the moment – the other night alone I was so incredibly inspired by the country storm that hit while we were visiting Tim’s dad out in the country (so inspiring that it actually blew up the television set – now THAT’S what I call creative destruction!) that I wrote not one, not two, but THREE entirely new comedy songs. And they’re my new favourites. So there, Frankie! You can have your damn cute baby and I’ll have my damn cute songs. At least my new babies don’t bite my boobies.

  4. excited to have started workshopping my full-length comedy show with my lovely friend/improv coach/mentor Anne Pensalfini, just this very afternoon in fact. It’s so wonderful to have the benefit of an outsider’s eye who knows your strengths and weaknesses – plus I actually had apple & cranberry tea to offer her and thus was able to perform my little heart out while maintaining the illusion of being a great house-keeper. I’m such a fraud sometimes it kills me.

Well, that’s about the wrap-up folks. So yeah, until further notice, I’ll be limited to blogging only when I can get hold of a public computer. Or until I can get my a into g and hook my laptop up to the net.

Then again…it’s probably a good thing to spend a little more time in the real world. My kids do need to be fed*, after all.

*Where the hell was that in the contract?

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