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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

So apparently me and the blog are having some time out from each other of late. So, this being our romantic catch-up date and all, let me sum up life of late in brief:

1. I’ve discovered the wonder that is The Flight of the Conchords TV show on HBO. If you haven’t seen this, then you must, I repeat, MUST get thee to a video shop/amazon pronto and demand a copy. Go on. Stop reading. Just do it.

2. If you’re still reading…what the? Get to the video shop!

3. Both Ella and I have been sick the past few days, Ella especially so. Meaning that we both missed out on things we’ve been looking forward to for ages, hers being the Girl Guides sleepover excursion to the zoo, mine being starting training with Loose Moose. Wah.

4. My mum’s “all clear” prognosis was apparently a little premature. She’s not in the clear after all and has to have chemo every three months up until the end of 2009. Her condition seems good, she’s certainly in good spirits but it still isn’t great. Bah.

5. I have half a box of Girl Guide cookies and three books of Preschool raffle tickets to sell by tomorrow. Looks like I’ll be introducing myself to half the town, door by door tonight.


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