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A weekend of firsts!

1. Our first ice hockey game! I didn’t understand a bar of it, it was so fast I couldn’t even see what was happening half the time and missed our team’s goals…and I loved every second of it.

I’m writing my column in the Canmore Leader about it next week though (and yes, I promise I’ll link to it once it’s online!) so I’d better not say too much lest I get hit upon by the Canadian mafia. I believe they say: “Fugget aboot it.”

2. My first experience of wake-boarding on dry land. Well, experience kinda implies I was actually involved – and while I did get a little wet, that was only from the rain.

Check this out: yesterday the town of Canmore demonstrated just how committed they are to active, way-out Canadian fun, by shutting down the main street and setting up a wakeboard competition on its path. “Traffic? We don’t need traffic! What we really need is an extreme sport!” Damn I love this place!

Notice those snow-capped mountains in the back? It was COLD. I think every single competitor earned the right to shelter for life, purely based on this fact. Or at least a year’s supply of hot chocolate.

And finally…

3. My first Canadian winter jacket.

It’s snuggly as hell, but has the unfortunate side-effect of making me burst into loud renditions of “From Russia with Love”.

Would you like a wodka?

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