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A week today and we’re off!

I’m hesitant to even put that in writing, so regular have become the hiccups in our plans of late – I feel like the dude on The Simpsons…

“Hic…kill me…hic…kill me…hic…”

But anyway, we’ve had some good stuff happen this week. All our visas are in the bag, baby, flights are confirmed, hotels are booked, apartment is ready and waiting soon after we arrive. Life is looking up. This time next week we will be hauling the kids onto the plane, strapping them in toilet-training nappies and trying to convince them that rolling the little milk sachets down the aisles of the plane does not constitute bowling. Yippeee!!!

In the mean-time, here’s a couple of little follow-ups from previous blog entries.

1. My lovely auntie Deb wrote this to me yesterday, which I thought was very definite food for thought:

I so enjoyed reading your blogs and I noted the one about husband’s leaving for work in the morning and leaving wives at home to mind house and kids etc etc etc. I sometimes wonder what happens to people once they marry. It seems to be a pattern in young couples — equality until marriage then the stereotypal roles kick in == a sort of primitive type of -> You woman, you wife, you meant to housekeep and child watch. Me male, me go out hunt, me come home and put feet up. The woman does the same to herself too (so good on you for not stereotyping yourself and remaining true to logic). Further, I’ve noticed that the woman seems to have an “inner patriarch” which goes something like – “IN order to fulfill my destiny as a good wife I must sacrifice my needs and wants for the sake of the house etc etc etc.” May not apply to all couples but have certainly noticed a pattern. Females are educated and expected to get a paying job upon leaving school but once married you also assume the traditional jobs as well. Research supports this contention – women still do 90% of domestic caretaking even whilst working in paid jobs and child rearing. Howzat?

Howzat indeed? Hmmmm.

In happier news…

2. The birthday cake GOT EVEN BETTER!!!!!!

Admittedly, it wasn’t quite as pretty on the tastebuds as it was on the eye, but hey, I’m sure Beyonce isn’t either.

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