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A Song Inspired by YOU! “Rainbows” suggested by Allison B

And so it begins!

(Damn I love quoting Gandalf).

Here’s the first song so far, inspired by the lovely Allison who suggested the word “rainbows”. I had a lot of fun creating it; it was all quite fast, mad and furious, what with my kids doing their pre-bedtime thing and all and trying to get a bit of shoosh for two minutes to record it. Silly me for choosing rat-hour to record. Ah me.

(My daughter filmed this, by the way. Jawsome, yes?! I do hope that means she’s now tax deductible.)

Thanks so much for you beautiful people for helping me spread the word! More songs are a-coming.

For those of you new to the game, welcome! If you’d like to suggest a song for me to create, all you gotta do is jump onboard the team and help get the word out about my upcoming Melbourne Fringe show. Deets are over here.

Lots of big love and Rainbow Brite dolls, Jen. xx

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