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A shameless plug (but not for me!)

Attention all Melbournians! (The rest of you, please carry on with whatever cream-cheese involved shenanigans you’re hustling.)

At the risk of seeming pushy, go see Mandy Nolan‘s show at Melbourne Comedy Festival!! She’s a mama after my own heart, a truly fantastic performer and somebody who always makes me laugh out loud, even when I’ve seen her act before (that really is a compliment.) She is an absolute cracker and I’m not just saying that because I enjoy her with pate. She’s seriously fantastic, I heart her, I admire her, I want to have her comedic babies and I would but between us mama comics we’ve already got our uterus’ full.

So….having said all that, phew. Here are the details:

The Show: “She’ll be Right”

Where: The Forum

When: Thursday March 20 til 1st April. 7.15pm every night (except Sunday shows are at 6.15pm and no shows Monday. Or Thurs 27th. Got it?)

Bookings: Ticketek: 132849

Promise you will? Really really promise? Alright then. We’re all happy.

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