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A Quick Postcard from Reality

Only a ginger, can call another ginger "Ginger". (Thanks Tim Minchin.)

Hey guys,

So reality has hit hard, as it usually does post-festival in what I’ve come to call PTSD: Post Tour Sadness Disorder/Disorientation.

Back to regular blogging shortly, I’ve really needed this week just to decompress, re-connect with the fam and of course, catch up on about five kilometres of housework. I like to measure it in distance terms. It makes me feel athletic.

In the meantime…

– Only 1 more sleep til Brisbane Powerhouse shows start! 2 shows only folks, and when I checked yesterday tix sales had doubled within a day. AGH! (Admittedly they were pretty slow to start, but if I have a chance to spin it positively, I’m gonna take that, yo!) Would love to see you there, Saturday night is also the hubby’s and my 10 year anniversary – a DECADE!!!!!!! WHAAAA??? Have I even been alive that long? – so if you care to join us at the bar afterwards for a celebratory drink and/or booty shake, we will welcome you with rabid enthusiasm. We don’t get out much, so seriously. You might be so welcomed it could get awkward.

Fantastical post from Gala Darling about creating a low-budget but awesome creative retreat without going away. I LOVE this. As some of you know I did an amazing residency at the Banff Centre a couple of years back (where I wrote much of what became “An Unexpected Variety Show”, actually) and was so inspired at the time to try to re-create the experience from home. Very cool.

See you soon! x

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