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A magical day

Mezza, you are an angel.

This afternoon was the kids’ going-away party/playdate, at the very wicked PipSqueaks, thanks to the above-mentioned friend forever. In the end the only guests were Caleb, Ella and best friends for life Sam and Lilly(kids of my best friend for life Frankie), plus myself and Timmy – unfortunately feeling sick as and spending most of the time napping in the car – yet it was one of the most magical afternoons ever.

Even though I have consequently ingested an entire children’s party worth of food.

That aside, I know Ella in particular, will remember this day for the rest of her life. As will I. But then again maybe that just says more about my disturbing tendency to find ‘The Chicken Dance’ cathartic.

Either way, Mezz, thank you so much.

I almost feel like a good mother. 🙂

*** And finally…


Ella to Sammy, my brother’s girlfriend with whom we live:

Ella: I’m not listening to you, I don’t have to do what you tell me, cos I didn’t come out of your belly, I came out of JENNY’s belly!


Damn straight, kid.

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