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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hot Date

So last night Tim and I had our first hot date in way too long. Slap, slap, slap! (Sorry, just having a little tustle with my wrists).

Then, mid-date, something a little weird happened.

Picture us: strolling through the markets at Southbank. Suddenly, from behind us, a shriek…

Woman: Aaaah! It’s the comedian!

Friend of woman: Oh my God!

We turn around to check out the action – turns out there’s four ladies. For the sake of ease, let’s call them Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

They walk up to us. This hasn’t really happened before – I mean, I’ve had people recognise me, but not in a ‘oh my God!’ kinda way. I don’t really know whether to smile and just keep walking or stand there to soak it up. I look at Tim for help. He just smiles and holds my hand: we opt for the middle way – standing but slowly backing away.

Samantha: We saw you a few weeks ago at the Comedy Club!

Charlotte: YOU (pointing) were hilarious!

Me: Thanks so much.

Miranda: We were the ones down the front!

Me: Oh.

Samantha: You know, with the Elmo toy!

Me: Oh yeah! I remember you now… (I actually did.)

(Meanwhile, they’re being so loud that people nearby are starting to stare, wondering what the fuss is about. I look to Tim: he’s just standing looking smug. He tells me later that he loved feeling like a rockstar)

Carrie: (grabbing my arm) Oh, just let me touch you!

(Okay, NOW I’m officially getting freaked out.)

I smile, mutter something about feeling like a complete feral tonight – which they chuckle very loudly at – and then we back away into the night.

Tim: So did you love that? I would have loved that.

Me: Yeah, I guess.

I start to giggle uncontrollably.

Me: That was so surreal.

It takes me almost an hour to stop shaking.

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