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A few personal pics from 2011 (or “How to make a year look HAPPY!”)

UPDATE: Agh. Did I really write “from 2012?” I suck. I mean, the fact that a human being arrived in 2011 just last week claiming to be from the future is just sheer coincidence I tell you! Coincidence! Move along now. Ehem. Ehem. Ehem.

You know, it’s funny how family life can be so ridiculously busy and full and stressful and chaotic that at the end of the year, you can actually think it was kinda crap.

But then I got looking through my photo roll of the year that was and realised actually, it was pretty damn cool.

Then I realised there’s a reason for that revelation: I rarely photograph the shite bits.

But you know what? Who cares. Right now I’m happy to share some highlights and pretend it was just one beautiful, eventful and snuggly pile of Kodak (okay, okay, Instagram) goodness.

Doing Surrealist Games at GOMA

Backstage just before An Unexpected Variety Show made its Brissie debut!

My girl continues to develop her inner fashionista

We even did ART yo! Where's my mother of the freaking millennium medal?

Great times hanging with my bro (my original comedy influence) and my gorgeous niece.