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A cup of peppermint tea a day keeps something at bay…I’m just not sure what

So we’re all a little stressed round these parts at the mo. Partly for good (as in, positive!) reasons – we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up – but mostly just in the money department. Living the dream rocks the casbah and is something I’ve always aspired to do…but bugger me sideways if it isn’t a ticket to bankruptcy.

Anyhoo, forgive the bleak outlook, all else is well – my kids are healthy and happy, we’re all alive and well-fed (trust me on that one) and we are still loving this incredible country, so we do have it all in perspective – it’s just a little, yes, well, there you have it: stressful.

Thus, we are in a bit of a dilemma at the moment as to whether to stay put here in the Bow Valley. We absolutely love it, have a solid network happening now, good friends, there’s enough opportunities for me to balance life and career quite nicely, etc, the bottom line is just that: the bottom line. And unfortunately, it’s just so freaking expensive (both rent and groceries are far more than I’ve EVER paid in my life elsewhere) that from what I’ve been told, newbies usually last a year or two and then give up and move away.

We’ll see – our pending BC tour (one week away: agh!) is taking on a little more significance now i.e. I’m sure it will be somewhat, if only subconsciously, a little scouting trip for potential new destinations to explore, conquer and soak up.

Time shall tell dear chappies, time shall tell.

Notification: guts are officially spilled. Time for bed.

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