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A better subject title than “Happy Valentines Day” wanted: apply within

We don’t usually make that huge a deal out of Valentine’s Day. Well, except for the year that my hubby proposed by taking me away for a surprise weekend at the beach, then spoiled me completely and utterly rotten (I’m talking a limo ride complete with champagne and flowers, people!!!) but that was definitely an exceptional circumstance. Maybe we just subconsciously figured that once we’d attained the pinnacle of romance, there was no real point in trying anymore.

Or probably more likely, is the fact that sooner after kidlets arrived into our life at the same time that Tim went back to being a full-time uni student = no time and no money.

Oh, and the fact that Valentine’s Day is just before my birthday, followed closely by Tim’s birthday, followed shortly thereafter by our wedding anniversary. It’s a busy time, people and usually just don’t have room in our lives for that much celebrating.

But this afternoon Tim’s taking me on a surprise date!!! Or an ‘activity’, as he called it, seeing as apparently our date is going to be at home. I immediately jumped to a kinky conclusion, but Tim assured me I was completely off-track. Which I was relieved about: you know those days when you’re just not in the mood for the fluffy hand-cuffs and a bucket of golden-syrup covered pancakes?

Anybody else care to share V-Day plans or lack thereof?

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