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7 Things About My Childhood You Probably Didn’t Need to Know

1. I wanted to be Shirley Temple and/or Princess Leia. Either way, I still have a penchant for cute hair-styles that involve the side of the head.

2. I loved Ewoks – I had an Ewok lunch-box once and even indulged in the odd Ewok ice-block (they had green jelly stuff inside…mmmmm). And after seeing “Caravan of Courage” (i.e. Star Wars spin-off made-for-television-movie, the monster villain of which absolutely freaked the hell out of me) I loved them even more. I wanted one so badly…then I gave up and just had kids instead.

3. When I was five I fell into my grandma’s freezing cold swimming pool in the middle of winter (Toowoomba winter no less…makes ice-blocks look like hot water bottles). I had no idea how to swim, and after thrashing about helplessly for thirty seconds, managed to clutch at the pool brush handle she held out to me. In typical melodramatic Jenny form, I climbed up next to her, coughed up a lung, and spluttered: “You’re my hero.”

4. In grade four, inspired by an episode of Neighbours, I took the liberty of organising a surprise birthday party for my grandma. It was easy: I just waited til she’d gone out shopping, rang everybody in her address book, told them the date and time and asked them to bring something. Then I got our neighbour to invite her over for afternoon tea while all the guests arrived. The house was packed and I still remember the shock on her face when she walked in. That’s one thing in my life I will always be proud of.

5. I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time willing Mary Poppins to come floating down to my house. That film still just kills me, especially the “Feed the Birds” song. To this day (I’ve been watching it a bit with Ella lately) that number brings a tear or two to my eye. I mean, no it doesn’t…ehem, that’s just…allergies…

6. I made my own version of a ‘radio show’ by recording myself on cassette tape for an hour and a half. I had grand visions of making copies of it and being able to sell it around the globe. It featured such classics as ‘Jenny singing a crappy Christmas song!’ and ‘Jenny imitating her grade one classmates!’ and ‘Jenny getting her little sister to sing the alphabet, complete with patronising words of encouragement!’ It’s still around somewhere.

7. I was completely self-absorbed. Thankfully, I’m so over that…

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