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5 Ways I’m Spending My Days at the Mo…

1. Toddler wrangling. The more I do it, the more I realise that their cuteness is really just a self-defence mechanism.

2. Rehearsing my show. Only eight days to go til I jet off to Adelaide for the Cabaret Fringe Festival, possibly my once in a lifetime opportunity to say that I performed at the same festival as Olivia Newton-John. I may just die happy.

3. Taking acting classes at La Boite! This is something I’ve long desired, but only just mustered the balls to do. I was worried that my obsession with improv would prove a problem, but as I’m discovering (with lightbulb after lightbulb moment), spontaneity and a willingness to deviate from “my PRESENTATION!!!!” of the script is actually a good thing. Loving this so, so much!

4. Reading most excellent blogs such as this.

5. Dealing with deep personal turmoil. And/or looking at the latest Ikea catalogue. Whichever you choose to believe.

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