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5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Empire State Building

1. King Kong’s corpse has apparently been moved.

2. It is a marketing frenzy – from the moment you enter the queue to the second you get back out the door, you’re being spruiked, photographed and postered in pamphlets in an attempt to spend, spend, spend! For a moment I thought I’d stepped into an infomercial.

3. Neither Tom Hanks nor Meg Ryan were anywhere in sight.

4. The only comforting thing about waking up to the fact that you are spending a disturbing amount of time trying to photograph yourself properly on top of the building (though in my defence, my camera wasn’t digging the lighting) is the fact that almost everybody else is doing the same.

5. One of the key points mentioned in the pamphlet (and by one of the spruikers) is being able to see the spot where the Titanic would have docked. For some reason I found that rather hilarious. I’m thinking of launching my own tour, highlighting spots where I would have given my 1999 Oscar speech, had life not gotten in the way.

Ah America. I do love you

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