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5 Things Making Me Smile Right Now

1. Denise Daffara‘s beautiful work. I really do dig her stuff, and check this one out, this is her just MUCKING AROUND, PEOPLE!!!

Ooh la la, la la, la la!

2. The ridiculous feeling of superiority I swallowed yesterday, upon not falling for a second – not a second, I tell you! – for that whole “hey, today’s the day that Doc set the Delorian for, in “Back to the Future!” No, no, no! Obsessed geekburger Dedicated fan that I am…

This is heavy!

3. Crossing things off my to-do list. Cos I’m getting them done, mind you, not just because I’ve just decided that many of them don’t actually need doing. Ehem.

P.S. The Big Comic Mummy giveaway is going off! And by that I mean, it’s going off like sour milk, sitting in a refrigerator with very little action!

Heehee, anyway, the upside of this is that if you do desire to get involved, your odds are rather good, both of winning a prize-pack and my friendship. I’m not sure which will fetch you more on e-bay though.

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