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47 Gigs in One Month: The Adelaide Fringe Adventure Approaches

Working, performing and eating cheese. Pretty much sums up today.

AND…having a mild freak out upon going through my schedule for Adelaide Fringe Festival, which at the moment of me typing this, stands at 47 gigs in three and a bit weeks. FORTY-FREAKING-SEVEN. I think I’m gonna need some sort of protein supplement to get through this. Or at least somebody to hurl Gatorade down my throat at regular intervals.

You’re with me, right? I’ll blog the entire adventure if you’ll occasionally throw me a cyber-cheer when needed. Cos I’ve no doubt I’m gonna collapse in a heap on more than one occasion. But with a bit of requisite cheerleading, I can tell you I’ll bloody well cross that finish line one way or another…and I’ll strive to wear something utterly faboosh while I do.

That’s a promise.


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