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3 Things I’ve Discovered this Week

1. People in this area are unBELIEVABLY generous. Case in point: the dude who sold us our car a good six weeks ago, randomly rocked up on our doorstep the other night with boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations, ornaments, lights and presents for the kids. “I hope you don’t think this is weird,” he said, “it’s just my wife and I don’t have any children and we know you’re new here and we just wanted to make sure you have a really great Christmas.”

Did you hear that? That was my jaw hitting the floor. Luckily, this being one of the nicest places on earth, said jaw did not shatter but simply bounced straight up again only to be filled with fairy-floss.


2. Toboganning is possibly the most fun – and free – thing ever in the entire world. Both the kids and I are completely smitten.


3. Betty Crocker’s chocolate frosting in a tub is possibly the most delectable – and fattening – thing I’ve ever been addicted to. I’m in serious trouble here.


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