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2018: A Year In Review

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

You know, my brood and I have had a lot of lows this year. However, seeing as I never photograph those and seeing as social media ignores all the shit bits for the most part, let’s just agree to overlook them here and focus on the highlights and HOLY SHIZZ WHEN I DO THAT WHAT A BLOODY CRAZY AWESOME YEAR IT LOOKS LIKE.

So, may I present my shameless highlight reel for the year that was:

Kicked it off with Woodford Folk Festival

So many gigs, so much heat, so many children. While I nearly had a nervous breakdown offstage, the onstage antics were DELISH.

I got this beautiful email recently from the mum of this gorgeous boy (pictured above left) who joined me onstage for an improvised song and rocked it completely:

"Jenny, I thought you'd like to hear this story. Yesterday my son Xavier was at his interview to become a school captain. The panel asked him how he knew he'd be confident enough to get up on stage and present. He told them the story of how he got up on stage at Woodford last year with you and sang an improvised song in front of a couple of hundred people. They must have loved the story as he was chosen as the only boy captain.I think back to that moment he had there (and all the other great Woodford moments too) that really helped him out of his shell and build confidence in himself. Thank you for encouraging him.”

Celebrated my birthday with an 80's Dance Class and Flashmob with my Gal Pals

I can confirm there is no better way to birthday than this.

I finally did a circus class

It's been on my list of things to try for years, and what do you know? Turns out those circus people look ridiculously fit because...they're ridiculously fit. #sohard

Launched my first web series How Me Parent Good!

I was really happy with it! We won a couple of awards! It was super fun to include the kids! Huge huge props to Duncan Wood of Touchwood Productions and to Moreton Bay Regional Council for supporting the whole thing.

Saw Tim Minchin live at the opening of HOTA, Gold Coast

Taught an Improvised Comedy Intensive at Woodford Artisan’s Camp

Performed at The Planting

Produced and Performed in two Funny Mummies Comedy Galas

Did the odd gig on a cruise ship where I fulfilled my dream of fronting a band

Gasped in awe of my man building a creative studio in our backyard

Yes, he truly is insanely wonderful.

Experimented with a live morning TV show “Wake Up With Wynter” on Facebook

Won the Ausmumpreneur Big Idea Award for How Me Parent Good!

Got Hitched!

Caught up with one of the best humans in the universe Bill Bailey

Shot two TV shows with QUT

Did a Triathlon (for newbies, but still...)



I can confirm I am a completely spoiled twat.

2019 has much excitement ahead. Things I'd like to try thus far include:

Getting back into swing dancing with my hubby!

Learning tap dancing

Finally mastering the banjo

Becoming proficient at the loop station and using it onstage for musical improv

Doing a Park Run (my 9 year old is keen, so he's my PT at this point)

Training properly for a slightly longer triathlon

Life is good. If I died now, I'd be sad but happy, if that makes sense.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful rest of 2018 and as my Mum always said "Here's to the best year yet!"

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