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2 Cool Things That Happened This Weekend

1. Interviewed two guys from The Butterfly Effect on Triple Zed (in character as rural matriarch Mrs Sorenson, no less). What lovely young men. Ah. That said, I think its a travesty that someone like me should be getting up close and personal with cool musos like that, seeing as I know absolutely nothing about them. Comedians, yep, filmmakers, yep, musicians, not a clue.

Then again, it is kinda cool because:

a) I don’t get starstruck or stressed out at the prospect of interviewing them (but comics…well, that’s another matter)

b) Interviewing them in character is so much more fun anyway, and it makes perfect sense (in fact, I reckon it makes it better) that my character would no nothing about them anyway. It’s my thing. Right? Right??!

2. Saw Tripod‘s whole show tonight, absolutely loved it (as I said to them: “it made me fall in love with musical comedy all over again…”) and then better still, when I went up to them afterwards to say hi and gush and all that, what conversation should ensue but…

Yonnie: “Hey, we saw your set last week, by the way.”

Gatesy: “Yeah, you were great!”

Yonnie: “Yeah, well done!”

Me: “Thanks…I-” (witty yet humble response interrupted by body falling into a pile of flattered gooey marshmallow on the Powerhouse floor)

So yeah…all in all, it’s been a good weekend. 🙂

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