"An extraordinary personal journey. Inspiring, moving and hilarious, as only Jenny Wynter knows how!" Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony Allstars)

From the sudden early death of her mother, to unplanned pregnancy, to having her wedding interrupted by an elderly man wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos, Jenny Wynter's life has clearly not gone to plan. However, throughout it all there has been one constant: laughter.


In Funny Mummy, award-winning comedian Jenny shares her experiences navigating life's tough moments by using comedy as pain relief. Shining light into the darker parts of life, from grief and divorce to parenthood, and the relentlessness of pursuing lofty goals as a working mother, this funny, poignant, and insightful read will leave you inspired, leave you lighter and most importantly, leave you laughing.


"On the stage, and on the page, Jenny Wynter is a hilarious gem." Cal Wilson

"More than laughs, Funny Mummy is also quite the page turner. In fact Jenny moves through life with such passion, energy, humour and heartbreak I needed ventolin to keep up. Fabulous!" Denise Scott

"Jenny has walked the walk and she talks the talk in a totally relatable way. She's one funny mummy. I wish she was mine." Mandy Nolan

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