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Funny Mummies: Feature Documentary

Have you heard the one about the mums who did stand-up comedy? Nah, me either. This hilarious and moving feature doco follows a group of comedians who take their show on the road to spread laughter to some of Australia’s most rural and remote audiences.

Pitched at Australian Feature Film Summit 2022, produced by SaltWater Pictures and directed by Sandra Sciberras. 

Part of Dame Changer Lab 2021.
Currently seeking production funding.

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Viking MAma

A viking mother is pushed to her warrior limits when she has to take her husband’s place on the all-male Community Council, while single-handedly manning the home front.

Winner: ABC/iView
Pitch Perfect Competition 2016

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Off Grid - half hour dramedy series

When a widowed mother is left pregnant and penniless by a charming con-man, she decides to begin again, moving with her two boys to rural Tasmania to live with her hippy ex-father-in-law, off-the-grid.

Finalist in AACTA ScreenWorks Regional Landscapes Pitch Competition 2021

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Rockstar Mummy - 6x10min Web Series

A bipolar mother who escapes into 80s style musical fantasy sequences, embarks on a campaign to win back the love of her estranged children.

Selected for AFTRS/Screen Queensland Talent Camp 2019