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Woodford Folk Festival: A Personal Photo Gallery & Bit of Blather Day 4

Haven't made it into the freak show yet, but DAMN I'm in love with the venue!

I knew Woodford would be a whirlwind, but…WHIRL. WIND. I don’t really know how to be coherent on this subject, not the least reason of which is that as I type this on day 5, I am suffering from the festival-wide epidemic known to locals as “Woodford brain”, so instead let me turn to my trusty pal, the bullet point, to help me on.

Highlights thus far:

  1. gigs on The Mystery Bus have been seriously lovely. I ADORE the intimacy of performing in such a small (and air-conditioned) space. For those of you yet to experience it, the audience comes onto a bus, not moving, without having the foggiest clue which artist they are about to see. The MC announces the performer, said performer spews forth from the cockpit and proceeds to do a 10 minute set. Love, love, love this whole concept.

Onboard the Mystery bus.

  1.  doing tons and tons of improv including improv songs in my comedy sets. Loving this and am so happy that I’m forcing myself to just take the risks. Last night I pulled an audience member up out of the crowd to sing a duet with me, her name was Ally and she was absolutely full of beans and adores-balls, we sang a song about her crazy adventures in Woodford (including, from memory, taking over the circus show) called “My Pally, Ally.”

  2. the Great Comedy Debate yesterday. I know this was always one of my favourite events to watch, and now I think it’s one of my faves to be in. The winner turned out to be the AUSLAN interpreters – who are seriously a tour de force and are deserving of some sort of performance award in their own right, blessed as they are to make the funny so much funnier. Twas wonderful. PLUS:

  3. Working with the wonderful Ernie Dingo, MC of the debate who repeatedly and publicly referred to me as “Princess Jen.” I don’t know why. But I shall accept.

  1. Having my hand shaked by Bob Hawke (BOB FREAKING HAWKE) who came backstage afterwards, chuckled and said “Well done, well done!”. I feel so geeky. I can’t wait to tell my Grandma so she can score gasps from all her friends.

  2. seeing my littlest do his very first somersault, completely unprompted (well, aside from the umpteen he’s no doubt witnessed since our arrival) and with such joy in his face I wanted to eat him. Which I may start to. We are running out of money.

More highlights to come.

Hope magic is finding you wherever you are! (Apologies, this wacky Woodford talk will quite possibly continue for at least the next few days…)


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