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Why too much choice can be a bad thing

As somebody who’s been feeling rather overwhelmed with options lately – all GOOD options, mind you, which in some ways makes it even harder to choose – I dig this with reckless relish:

The Do It Flowchart, courtesy of Sarah Dopp

Doesn’t it rock?

I was chatting about this earlier this week with the fabulous Liz Burcham from Metro Arts. She pointed out that as artists, sometimes how we respond to an opportunity that pops up can have more to do with how we’re feeling that day, than whether the opportunity is actually in alignment with our long term plans.

This is what I want – to be clear on my long term plan!

I have long term dreams, mind you, but converting them from into workable goals is quite different. And at the same time, not getting too distracted by the left-of-field awesome possibilities that present themselves along the way.

Sometimes life just has way too many options. It’s a good problem to have, I guess. But it makes me feel like I did the first time I set foot in an American superstore. i.e. while perhaps one could argue that having a mile and a half long aisle of various brands of incontinence pads is a good thing, isn’t it just a bit…much? It’s enough to make you want to, you know, become incontinent.

Or something.

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