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Why I am Particularly Stoked About This Year’s Oscar Nominees…

My director, mentor and friend, Gary Austin.

I was absolutely delighted to discover this evening that 5 (count em, FIVE) Oscar nominees this year are “Groundlings!” To the uninitiated, this is the affectionate – or so I am led to believe! – term given to alumni of The Groundlings Theatre in LA.

Why was I so chuffed at this turn of events, you ask?

Well because the man who founded The Groundlings Theatre was none other than the director of “An Unexpected Variety Show” as well as one of my favourite people in the entire world, Gary Austin. Thus I feel suitably entitled to get up on my little high horse and feel just a little bit attached to these particular folks of jawsome. GO GO GO! (You can read more about my time with Gary and friends in LA last year over here.)

The nominees are:

Melissa McCarthy – Best Supporting Actress – “Bridesmaids”

Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig – Screenplay – “Bridesmaids”

Nat Faxon and Jim Rash – Screenplay – “The Descendants”

Gary was quick to point out on his Facebook page that:

Not receiving a nomination but certainly deserving of one is long time Gary Austin Workshops alumnus Paul Feig – Director – “Bridesmaids.”


I will be cracking out the big guns for this year’s Oscars, PLAINLY! You know…brushing my hair, eating the nicer brand of chocolate…I MAY even splash out on a $12 chardonnay. Somebody stop me!

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