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Who Rocks?

Frankie does!

Flash back with me, won’t you, to this very morning…

Bring, bring! Bring, bring!

(That’s my best phone impersation – stop paying me out about it, accept it for what it is and let’s move on. I’m doing my best here, okay?)

Me: “Hello?”

Her: “HELLO!”

Me: “Frankie!”

(Insert typical mindless drivel between us here)

Her: “So what are you doing this morning?”

Me: “Oh I’ve got a billion things I’ve gotta get on top of…”

Her: “Oh. Cos I was going to take you shopping and buy you some new outfits for New York!”

Cue the sound of a phone being slammed down, feet storming down the stairs and a car speeding away to the nearest shop. A LITTLE WHILE LATER…

Frankie, I and my sister-in-law Lizzie rock up at Stones Corner to hit the discount shops with enthusiasm that makes the Crocodile Hunter look like a limp cucumber.

Before I go forth and conquer, Frankie hands me my shopping budget enveloped in this:


I now feel funky, loved and hot.

No wonder Frankie’s my best friend.

Cue cheesy “best buddies walking off into the sunset” sound-track of choice.

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