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Where is my ‘off’ switch?

I’m ashamed to say that my head is full of little else but the USA-comedy-trip-of-a-lifetime. Honestly, I suck. Yesterday I was driving along when I realised it had been about twelve minutes since I’d even said a word to the kids. Not a ‘what can you see out the window?’, not a ‘what would you like for afternoon tea?’, not even so much as a ‘what do you really think about global warming?’

I suck.

I’m trying so hard to not get my head so far stuck up my own butt that I’m suffocating, but I do fear I’m getting close. Come on, Jen, think of something else…think about…dry-cleaning fluid.

Think dry cleaning fluid, think dirty clothes, think washing, think Fisher & Paykel, think globalisation, think America, think holy heck that’s where I’m going in SIX WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see my dilemma.

So what the hell, I’ll embrace it.

Cool Things that Have Happened this Week

1. Having a gig at the Powerhouse (Livewired, a room set up by my dear comedic chum Josh Thomas) and for the first time ever, being approached by people afterwards to ask where I am performing next. How very cool.

2. Being actually thanked by Caleb for changing his nappy. How very polite.

3. Finding out that my sister and brother-in-law (who I adore) and who now live in Europe, are coming to America and will be driving through New York the exact day I get there. So they’re going to pick me up and drive me up to Connecticut for Liz’s family reunion. How very serendipidious.

4. Confirming that yes, my sister can be my kids’ nanny while I’m away. How very guilt-relieving.

5. Receiving news that the second (and advanced level) intensive I wanted to do with Second City which, by the time I’d found out about the grant, had already sold out, has just had a cancellation, and I’ve been offered their place. Which means not only another week with one of the best impro/comedy places in the world, but another week in New York. How very COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I’m getting American-ised already.

So yes, the trip is officially gonna rock. Now I’ve just gotta work out how to stop thinking about it before I lose the ability to communicate with my kids.


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